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Nudging the little geek …

Should a parent ever force music lessons on a child?

If force means being a pushy stage-mom or stage-dad — especially to the point of making a child continue lessons long after it’s clear that the kid has no Continue reading


I can’t dance, but …

JimTC - WP 1 - I Can't Dance

At least I can walk. And I don’t take that for granted. Having broken a shinbone during a skiing mishap at age 11, and having spent a couple of months Continue reading

Go to the Movies? Forget It!

No, this isn’t a scare blog in reaction to the high-profile movie theater shootings of the last few years — Colorado, Florida, Louisiana — or yesterday’s pepper spray attack in Tennessee.

I abandoned the movie theaters before the turn of the century, years before any of these tragedies. I made the decision, not for personal safety reasons, but because of Continue reading