Air Travel: Unthinkable Now

A few weeks ago, a radio pastor jokingly offered one possible explanation of why God allowed the invention of the airplane: People who never talk to Him on Earth are more than willing to call on Him when they’re 37,000 feet in the air.

I don’t doubt this — although, since I don’t fly anymore, I won’t be Continue reading


Quit Griping About ‘White Privilege’

Suppose I attend a convention in Dallas. Now, I happen to be white. So are, let’s say, 60-70 percent of the other attendees. If I have proper ID, the security host probably won’t challenge me or block my way. As long as I don’t behave like a hooligan or brandish a weapon, I get to go in and Continue reading

Go to the Movies? Forget It!

No, this isn’t a scare blog in reaction to the high-profile movie theater shootings of the last few years — Colorado, Florida, Louisiana — or yesterday’s pepper spray attack in Tennessee.

I abandoned the movie theaters before the turn of the century, years before any of these tragedies. I made the decision, not for personal safety reasons, but because of Continue reading

Sanctuary Cities: A Blot on America

The shooting death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco at the hands of Francisco Sanchez, an illegal alien and five-time deportee, has spotlighted a serious blot on America — an utter disgrace: “Sanctuary Cities.” These are cities that shelter illegal aliens. Local officials frequently Continue reading

Donald Trump and the US-Mexico Border

Over the past week, blogs and opinion pieces have censured Donald Trump, world-famous business magnate and recently announced presidential contender, for his remarks on Mexican immigrants. Writers and commentators have given us their take on what Trump said — filled with alarmist Continue reading

Climate Change: ‘Follow the Money’

Ever notice that the people who know the least about a given subject are often the very ones who do the most talking about it? On the subject of climate change, we typically see this pattern in career politicians and unelected bureaucrats — mostly those on the political left. We see it in Continue reading