Music Tracks

As mentioned in ABOUT ME, I majored in music. I know from experience the special kick a performer gets from connecting with a live audience. Yet, in the high-tech era, performers will need to keep finding new ways to reach audiences where they are — homes, offices, cars, malls, Internet cafés — not just concert halls and recital rooms. This page is one small contribution I decided to make in that direction.


In the future, as time allows, I plan to upload a few audio tracks of my own improvisations, recorded digitally in the garage, which has the reverb I like. At this date — April 16, 2018 — the demands on my time prevent this; but I aim to have at least one or two tracks up by late spring 2018.

For now, check out these YouTube performances by other players and posted by other uploaders. I have played these pieces before, and these artists’ interpretations are similar to mine. Timings are to nearest 5-second intervals:

Kreisler, Fritz. Liebesleid (Love’s Sorrow).
Anne Akiko Meyers, Soloist. 4:30.

Verdi, Giuseppe. Violin Solo from Act III, Scene 3 Intro, of I LOMBARDI (The Lombards).
Vilmos Szabadi, Soloist. 4:05.


I began elementary piano lessons at age 7, but soon the violin muse got me when a professional orchestra played at my elementary school. I started fingering and bowing tunes by ear on a half-sized instrument before I even had my first lessons. My parents didn’t have to tell me to practice — I was hooked on it.

In my later teens, I auditioned for a seat in the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, training school of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and played a couple of seasons, gaining experience in both violin sections — second and first. Yet, by age 20, I began to feel that orchestra playing was too confining and just didn’t fit my individualistic, free-spirited personality. Additionally, the decibel levels of some modern symphonic scores got on my nerves and called for earplugs. At 21, I decided to resign my chair and regain my freedom.

I’ve never regretted the decision. I’m thankful for the whole experience — but grateful I realized early in life that the music business just didn’t suit me.

I became a small-business owner in 1996. Now I keep playing as a serious amateur. I prefer violin/piano and violin/guitar combos and small chamber groups — one player to a part.

J. H.


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