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Oh, Man! All This Noise?

Does the decibel level of some orchestral music — especially from the late 19th century onward — get on your nerves, too?

As a kid, I set my sights on becoming a professional symphony player. In my later teens, I auditioned for and played a couple of seasons in Continue reading

Tendinitis: Pain, Patience, Recovery

Are violin-playing and lifting weights incompatible? From personal experience, my answer is no — they’re not in conflict. Both activities have long been part of my life.

For working out, my sequence is WALK, STRETCH, LIFT. For violin, it’s Continue reading

Classical music — a blessing in childhood and beyond

“How can you listen to such exacting music?”

My big brother, 6 years my senior, once asked me this when he and I were still in school. As far back as I remember, our parents played classical music on radio and recordings. They didn’t ram it down our throats. They just happened to like it. So did I. For me, hearing it was a normal part of life — like walking and breathing — not strange or exacting. Continue reading

Gym Music: Stimulant? Or Irritant?

With me, it depends on the volume. I love music — many kinds. A catchy musical background — and I emphasize the word background — can enhance a gym workout. Excessive volume, on the other hand, can push me over the edge — especially during an exercise like squats or 21’s. Then it’s not music to me anymore. It’s noise. Continue reading