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Sorry — I don’t do orchestra

Pursuing my childhood dream of becoming a professional symphony player, I decided to major in music performance. During the first year of the Continue reading


New Year Dance Therapy

No — as I posted earlier, I can’t dance. I’m physically fit for it, but I just don’t know how. Yet, as I’ve also written, I’ve always loved dance music. It lifts my spirits and has actually helped me feel physically better when Continue reading

Oh, Man! All This Noise?

Does the decibel level of some orchestral music — especially from the late 19th century onward — get on your nerves, too?

As a kid, I set my sights on becoming a professional symphony player. In my later teens, I auditioned for and played a couple of seasons in Continue reading

Tendinitis: Pain, Patience, Recovery

Are violin-playing and lifting weights incompatible? From personal experience, my answer is no — they’re not in conflict. Both activities have long been part of my life.

For working out, my sequence is WALK, STRETCH, LIFT. For violin, it’s Continue reading

Classical music — a blessing in childhood and beyond

“How can you listen to such exacting music?”

My big brother, 6 years my senior, once asked me this when he and I were still in school. As far back as I remember, our parents played classical music on radio and recordings. They didn’t ram it down our throats. They just happened to like it. So did I. For me, hearing it was a normal part of life — like walking and breathing — not strange or exacting. Continue reading