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New Year Dance Therapy

No — as I posted earlier, I can’t dance. I’m physically fit for it, but I just don’t know how. Yet, as I’ve also written, I’ve always loved dance music. It lifts my spirits and has actually helped me feel physically better when Continue reading


Add years to your life? Is it worth it?

Several months ago, a radio pastor told of a man who arrived in heaven and said: “How wonderful this is. If only I hadn’t been such a health and fitness freak, I could have gotten here much sooner.”

Continue reading

Tendinitis: Pain, Patience, Recovery

Are violin-playing and lifting weights incompatible? From personal experience, my answer is no — they’re not in conflict. Both activities have long been part of my life.

For working out, my sequence is WALK, STRETCH, LIFT. For violin, it’s Continue reading

Youfit — It Fits!

The opening of Youfit in Huntsville, September 15, 2014, at the former Gold’s Gym location, 7900 Bailey Cove Road, was a most welcome event for this workout enthusiast.

I was there on opening day, resuming my split routine — currently Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. I’d recently taken a month off from working out, Continue reading

Gym Music: Stimulant? Or Irritant?

With me, it depends on the volume. I love music — many kinds. A catchy musical background — and I emphasize the word background — can enhance a gym workout. Excessive volume, on the other hand, can push me over the edge — especially during an exercise like squats or 21’s. Then it’s not music to me anymore. It’s noise. Continue reading