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New Year Dance Therapy

No — as I posted earlier, I can’t dance. I’m physically fit for it, but I just don’t know how. Yet, as I’ve also written, I’ve always loved dance music. It lifts my spirits and has actually helped me feel physically better when Continue reading


Tendinitis: Pain, Patience, Recovery

Are violin-playing and lifting weights incompatible? From personal experience, my answer is no — they’re not in conflict. Both activities have long been part of my life.

For working out, my sequence is WALK, STRETCH, LIFT. For violin, it’s Continue reading

Youfit — It Fits!

The opening of Youfit in Huntsville, September 15, 2014, at the former Gold’s Gym location, 7900 Bailey Cove Road, was a most welcome event for this workout enthusiast.

I was there on opening day, resuming my split routine — currently Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. I’d recently taken a month off from working out, Continue reading

Gym Music: Stimulant? Or Irritant?

With me, it depends on the volume. I love music — many kinds. A catchy musical background — and I emphasize the word background — can enhance a gym workout. Excessive volume, on the other hand, can push me over the edge — especially during an exercise like squats or 21’s. Then it’s not music to me anymore. It’s noise. Continue reading