About Me

Early Years

I grew up and went to school in the Chicago metro area and the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. I majored in music, and a fair number of my posts are on that subject. One site I frequently visit and occasionally post to is violinist.com. Among other topics I write on are fitness and national issues.

Background and Credentials

I became a published freelance writer in 1990, when my first op-ed pieces ran in several major American newspapers.

In early February 1992, columnist Jeff Jacoby, who was then Chief Editorial Writer of the Boston Herald, called to request a column from me for the paper’s February 16, 1992, Counterpoint page. The piece, “Open admissions policy is morally wrong,” was on American immigration policy. It ran opposite Thomas J. Flatley’s piece, “Don’t deny American Dream to thousands.” Flatley provided the liberal viewpoint. I provided the conservative one.

On economic, political, and social issues, I am staunchly conservative. I believe in immigration. But, as I’ve written in some of my pieces, immigration is, by definition, a legal process that requires time and paperwork. The immigrant heritage we Americans value is something we built over long decades through lawful entry, not border-crashing.

I typically slave and agonize over my writing before I actually publish it — much as Beethoven slaved and agonized over his musical scores, fine-tuning and revising heavily, before going public with them. Even after premiering a piece, the composer would sometimes tweak the score still further if the initial presentation didn’t satisfy him. I’m nowhere near his level of genius; so if he had to do a little backtracking or extra work at times to get his message out satisfactorily, I won’t complain about having to do the same.

At present, I am moderating comments — but not to censor anyone. I welcome feedback, whether dissenting or concurring. I just want to be sure that the feedback stays within reasonable length, on topic, and free of taboo words — the sort broadcasters would delete.

Jim Hastings

The link, above, to Jeff Jacoby’s page is with the knowledge and permission of the columnist, per my e-mail discussion with him in summer 1997. It does not indicate or imply his endorsement of any material on my blog. The views and opinions expressed in his columns are his own. They may or may not coincide with my views on a given subject.


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