New Year Dance Therapy

No — as I posted earlier, I can’t dance. I’m physically fit for it, but I just don’t know how. Yet, as I’ve also written, I’ve always loved dance music. It lifts my spirits and has actually helped me feel physically better when I was in pain.

November Setback

I work out regularly — currently four days a week — and walk an hour a day in three 20-minute stretches: morning, afternoon, evening.

I’ve had my fair share of minor injuries in working out — each one attributable to slack form or inattention. On November 3, 2015, while finishing a set of incline dumbbell presses, I inadvertently twisted to one side. Nothing felt amiss for the rest of the day; but when I arose from my bed the next morning, I could tell something was out of adjustment in my lower back.

I decided to stay off the gym for 18 days. It seemed wise also to have a chiropractor do some adjustments. I had three of these — at one-week intervals. By November 21, I was back to full power.

The Music Helped, Too

JimTC - LI 2

Except during summer, I take the evening walk indoors. I prop open two doors, about 30 feet apart. Then around and around I go for 20 minutes on my own oval-shaped path through four rooms at about 3.5 mph, listening to music tracks on YouTube or radio or CD. By the time I’m done, my feet and hands are very warm from the sustained, rapid circulation. And the music keeps me mentally and emotionally pumped up. So I am physically and mentally ready for my evening music practice session.

Following the injury, it was hard to keep up my normal 3.5-mph pace without frequent pauses to stretch the quadriceps muscles with a maximum bend at the knee. Yet there was constant improvement until, at the end of 18 days, I could keep up my steady, unabating pace for the whole walk.

One selection that helped to give me added incentive to keep on was Josef Strauss’s “Mein Lebenslauf ist Lieb’ und Lust” (My Life Story is Love and Pleasure). I first heard this catchy selection when I was 15 years old; and, to this day, it always brings back fond memories of my childhood home.

Check out this choreographed version, below, recorded at the 2012 New Year concert in Vienna. Incidentally, anyone who thinks ballet is sissy stuff: FORGET IT! These guys are STRONG! Note well how they lift their ladies high in the air — multiple times.

For six other dance selections out of the hundreds I’ve loved listening to since childhood, see my post titled “I can’t dance, but …” — published October 14, 2015.


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