Quit Griping About ‘White Privilege’

Suppose I attend a convention in Dallas. Now, I happen to be white. So are, let’s say, 60-70 percent of the other attendees. If I have proper ID, the security host probably won’t challenge me or block my way. As long as I don’t behave like a hooligan or brandish a weapon, I get to go in and take my seat. No profiling. No hassles.

But that’s not privilege.

The word privilege is often misused these days — notably among sociology professors in academia. And one of the education establishment’s favorite propaganda tools is the term “white privilege.”

The phrase has gained a lot of traction since 1988, the year Peggy McIntosh, Ph.D., published the essay White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences through Work in Women’s Studies.

This teaching, straight from the School of Victimology and the School of Political Correctness, has infected America’s Ivy League colleges and elementary schools alike. The purveyors of this propaganda are fattening their own wallets while they try to gin up white guilt.

Well, I’m not guilty. And I’m not about to start feeling guilty. From firsthand experience, I can tell you that I don’t have — and never have had — white privilege.

Who Benefits From ‘White Privilege’?

Check out the following blog, which I came across earlier this week:

Company Making Millions on “White Privilege” Training in Schools

Once again, FOLLOW THE MONEY. The white liberals who run academia and the mainstream media are the ones who most often promote this nonsense and stand to profit the most from it. It nets grant money. It sells books. It gets ratings. As long as the machine keeps spitting out quarters, you can count on someone to crank the wheeze-box.

Defining Terms

Since the word privilege is so often misused — generally on purpose to advance a political or social agenda — let’s consider the real meaning of the word.

Webster defines privilege as “a right or benefit that is given to some people and not to others” — generally by government or legal authority. The word derives from the Latin privilegium, which means “law for or against a private person.”

In light of this, the term “white privilege” is a flagrant misuse of language. None of the amendments to the US Constitution mentions or implies white privilege. And if any laws of the land did, the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment would be grounds enough to get them struck down.

The Real Problem: Family Breakdown

Not only is “white privilege” a misuse of language. It’s a cop-out — another variation of the blame game. It’s an attempt, usually by white liberals once again, to divert attention from the real problem — the elephant in the room — namely, family dysfunction and family breakdown, with kids being born out of wedlock and raised in single-parent households.

In sheer numbers, of course, these social ills affect far more American whites than blacks. But percentage-wise, black communities suffer substantially more.

This wasn’t always so. Before America’s current welfare state, there were far more intact families, both black and white, than there are now.

When I was in school, the worst discipline cases — all white, by the way — were kids from dysfunctional family backgrounds. A common pattern: no father in the home, sometimes no mother, either. Is it any wonder that these were the kids who most often got suspended or expelled from school — or in trouble with the law?

Our national leaders — that is, the ones who still have the requisite moral fiber — can encourage our efforts to lessen these problems. But government alone can’t do the job — far from it. It is We the People who will have to do the grassroots work — starting in the home.

To close on a lighter note, check out David Henderson’s article “The Real Meaning of Privilege.” For me, at least, Henderson hits the nail right on the head.


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