Sanctuary Cities: A Blot on America

The shooting death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco at the hands of Francisco Sanchez, an illegal alien and five-time deportee, has spotlighted a serious blot on America — an utter disgrace: “Sanctuary Cities.” These are cities that shelter illegal aliens. Local officials frequently opt not to follow federal immigration law or cooperate with immigration authorities.

The hypocrisy of the political left is transparent. Liberals are conspicuously absent from the table when it comes to championing states’ rights. Yet they’ll stare you right in the face and tell you the federal government has no business compelling states or cities to uphold immigration law.

O’Malley’s Misjudgment

In the wake of the Steinle murder, Martin O’Malley, former governor of Maryland and now a 2016 presidential contender, had the gall to tell us:

Local governments should not be blamed for the federal government’s inability to fix our broken immigration system, nor should they be held responsible for doing the federal government’s job.

There again — the convenient mantra: “our broken immigration system.” Does this man think he’s anywhere near fit to lead the nation? Sorry, Governor. You’ve got the issue totally backwards.

As I’ve said in earlier posts, our immigration system isn’t broken. We just need, first of all, to enforce the laws already on the books.

O’Malley appears to be reading from the same playbook as President Obama. And this president is a master at making himself appear unconnected to problems that he himself has caused or, at least, has done little or nothing to contain and reverse.

The president, who so injected himself into the tragic stories of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray, has so far kept a low profile in the matter of Kate Steinle. Given his de facto open-border policy, this shouldn’t surprise us.

Why Sanctuary Cities?

You want to know why San Francisco is a sanctuary city? And, while we’re at it, you want to know why so many other liberal cities in America have become sanctuaries since the 1980s? At this writing, there are about 200 of them — do the Net searches.

Sanctuary cities have little or nothing to do with compassion for poor or downtrodden aliens fleeing poverty or war in their home countries. The corrupt politicians who run these towns know exactly what they’re doing. To stay in power, they need the help of illegal alien voters. Their own lawful citizens aren’t quite so willing to keep reelecting these charlatans. If lawful residents, with proper voter ID, were the only ones allowed to cast ballots on election day, these quacks would see their political careers ended — or, at least, considerably shortened.

Again, keep in mind the president’s de facto open-border policy — part of his overall strategy to “fundamentally transform America.” He and his political allies, both Democrat and Republican, can’t accomplish this through lawful channels alone. So they resort to underhanded methods — all the while, of course, trying to keep us distracted with “climate change,” “income inequality,” and the Confederate flag.

No wonder the president and his allies get so up in arms every time someone proposes stricter voter ID laws.


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