Climate Change: ‘Follow the Money’

Ever notice that the people who know the least about a given subject are often the very ones who do the most talking about it? On the subject of climate change, we typically see this pattern in career politicians and unelected bureaucrats — mostly those on the political left. We see it in environmentalists — and now even Pope Francis.

The US government can’t control America’s borders. Or, at least, so it leads us to believe. Yet, in this era of green energy — which has become almost a religion — this same government evidently believes it can control earth’s temperature. Though we now hear reports of the sun entering a cycle of decreased energy output, which portends possible global cooling, the environmental hard-liners insist that it won’t be enough to offset man-made global warming.

Of course, climate is always changing. There is no ideal fixed temperature. And man and the lower species are far more adaptable than the environmental lobby gives credit for. What’s in dispute is how much man contributes to climate change — if at all. If the fear-mongering politicians were truly open about their intentions, they wouldn’t get elected — that is, not as easily or as frequently as they do now. Theirs isn’t really a concern for the environment but a sinister agenda to demonize and roll back free-market capitalism.

The Weather Channel: “Forecast Earth”

Remember “Climate Code,” later retitled “Forecast Earth,” a program on The Weather Channel, hosted by Dr. Heidi Cullen? The first time I saw this show, well before I read any details of Cullen’s bio, I thought to myself: “This lady wouldn’t be giving us this propaganda if there weren’t a lot of big bucks in it for her. She’s on somebody’s payroll — with a nice cushy contract and probably a nice research grant or two to go with it. So the network bosses have got to give her something to do — or, at least, something to say, worthless and, indeed, misleading though it may be.” The show folded in November 2008, 25 months after its debut.

Boxer, Obama, Steyer

Following the deadly tornadoes in Moore, OK, in 2013, the mainstream media predictably trotted out US Senator Barbara Boxer, who dramatically stated over the national airwaves:

“This is climate change!”

About a month ago, on a visit to the National Hurricane Center, President Obama made this observation:

“The best climate scientists in the world are telling us that extreme weather events like hurricanes are likely to become more powerful. When you combine stronger storms with rising seas, that’s a recipe for more devastating floods.”

Yet the three Atlantic hurricanes that struck the US in the 20th century at Category 5 strength — top sustained winds over 155 mph — didn’t hit during memorably hot summers. Hurricane Camille, 1969, with peak gusts estimated at 200+ mph — estimated, since the blast force destroyed wind instruments and knocked out power — struck during a period of global cooling that spanned the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Environmentalist and hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, a limousine liberal and crony-capitalist if ever I saw one, is another predictable player in this soap opera — and extraordinarily hypocritical, e.g., on the subject of coal. Keep in mind that he was for coal before he was against it — because the coal industry formerly suited his financial interests. These days, promoting coal-free investment portfolios better serves his financial and political agendas. Check him out on the Net — plenty of published excerpts available to back up these points.

Once again, FOLLOW THE MONEY. In this hoax, this environmental Ponzi scheme, there’s a lot of green — pun intended — a lot of big bucks in store for people with a vested interest in a predetermined outcome. Is it any wonder that they won’t let inconvenient facts interfere with their agendas?


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