Charleston Massacre — and Obama’s Predictable Opportunism

“This type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.”

So said US President Barack Obama on Thursday, June 18 — one day after Dylann Roof gunned down nine people at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.

The president further decried this latest high-profile example of people having “no trouble getting their hands on a gun.”

Mr. President, may I respectfully urge you to gather the facts — all of the facts, not just ones that fit your narrative — before you take to the airwaves? This type of mass violence does, indeed, happen in other advanced countries — like Israel, for example, although I’m not sure Israel fits your concept of “advanced,” given your recent snub of that country’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and your attempted interference with his reelection.

And Dylann Roof, the confessed killer in the Charleston massacre, received a gun on his 21st birthday from his dad. Yes, the kid evidently had no trouble getting his hands on a gun.

President Obama’s rhetoric is predictable. It echoes what we heard in 1999, following the Columbine High School massacre. Family members hadn’t yet had time to bury their loved ones, but President Bill Clinton and his congressional and media allies were already calling for — you guessed it — more gun control.

Once again, the control freaks hope to put more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. They exploit a tragedy to advance a narrative — a political agenda — and lay a guilt trip on the American people — all because of the heinous, cold-blooded actions of a deranged kid.

Laying a guilt trip on the rest of us won’t solve the problem, of course, as these statist liberals already know; but if they were truly honest about their sinister agendas, they’d never get elected — or, at least, not as often as they do now. The name of their game is power and CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL — oh, and, of course, feeling good about themselves.

These gun-control fanatics remind me of the timid, ninny substitute schoolteacher — I’m sure we all had at least one of those — who is too afraid to confront the one little brat in the class who is actually causing the trouble. After all, she wouldn’t want to risk hurting his fragile self-esteem — or, worse, risk having his parents sue for emotional distress.

So what happens instead? Everybody in the class stays a half-hour after school. Everybody in the class gets an extra homework assignment. Everybody in the class must write 100 times: “I will not hit” or “I will not chew gum in class” or “I will not talk out of turn.”

As we say, “Follow the money.” The president’s allies in the mainstream media and snobby academia are on somebody’s payroll — with nice cushy contracts and goodness knows how many federal grants to boot. So the top brass have to give them something to do — or, at least, something to say — worthless and, indeed, misleading though it may be.


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